Dealing with Prostate Cancer

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How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win!

Dealing with Prostate Cancer
By Norman Falconer
(About The Author)

“You have prostate cancer and here
is the prognosis….”

There aren’t many men who can hear those dreaded words and not feel frightened and panic stricken. And, with good reason. US estimates for 2008 call for 186,000+ new cases and almost 29,000 deaths.

Many people assume that prostate cancer only attacks the elderly and figure they’ll just wait and hope for the best. Bad decision. While the majority of cases do occur in men over 70, it has been known to attack men as young as 50.

The disease also crosses ethnic lines and is the second most common malignant cancer in men. African American men are at a higher risk than white men including Hispanic men.

According to the National Cancel Institute, “Dramatic differences in the incidence of prostate cancer are also seen in different populations around the world.” This is telling because there may be dietary or other environmental factors involved.

Getting all the answers

Just like any disease, the earlier the detection the better the chances of beating it. That’s all well and good, but how do you know if you are at risk or heaven forbid, already showing symptoms? What are the symptoms? You really need to have a good resource available for reference.

That’s where “Dealing With Prostate Cancer” rides in to give you all the information you need to be prepared. So often when dealing with a serious medical situation just having answers can bring some much needed relief.

“Dealing With Prostate Cancer” understands your fears and provides you with answers to those most burning questions. A few examples of what will help to ease your mind are:

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