Tire Evaluation – Schwalbe Marathon Almotion

The Schwalbe Marathon Almotion is among the newest tires at the Schwalbe Marathon lineup. The same as the newest Marathon Supreme (read review) that I reviewed a while ago, that the Almotion employs the exact low rolling resistance OneStar chemical that’s also utilized on Schwalbe’s top of the line road bicycle tires. I am assessing the non-tubeless rated “lively casing” variant of this Almotion at the 40-622 dimensions as it ought to be marginally faster than the TL-Easy Almotion that utilizes marginally thicker sidewalls to maintain the atmosphere in when used with no inner tube. Bikespumps will enlighten you on every aspect about bike pump target.

Although both the newest Marathon Supreme (2016 ) and Almotion utilize exactly the exact same OneStar chemical, the anti-puncture systems utilized on these tires is what sets them apart. The Almotion utilizes exactly the exact same sort of anti-puncture material that is also used on the Marathon GreenGuard (i.e. a three mm thick anti-puncture coating) making the tire somewhat heavier than the Supreme that utilizes a considerably thinner but tougher to permeate anti-puncture material.

NOTE: It seems Schwalbe has stopped the non-tubeless variant of the tire in the past couple of weeks. After assessing their website these days, it appears the Almotion will soon be accessible with a TL-Easy casing that’s a bit thicker (655 grams Vs 610 g). As I’ve already done all of the testing, and that I do not have enough time to check the TL-Easy variant anytime soon, my expertise with the Schwalbe MTB tires was that rolling resistance of this TL-Easy version will likely be at most 5 percent greater in precisely the exact same air pressure when compared to the normal versions.

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Specified weight of this 40-622 Marathon Almotion using the Dynamic casing is 610 g; my sample sets 629 g on the scale. The measured diameter in my 17C rim, in an air pressure of 60 psi is 38 mm. Measured height comes in at 39 mm.

Tread depth comes in at 2.0 mm that’s adequate for a flying bike tire and also a little more compared to Marathon Supreme (read review). The entire depth of the scooter in the middle of this tread comes in at 6.6 mm. The 6.6 millimeter thickness really suggests that this scooter employs a three mm thick anti-puncture coating under the fold. The sidewalls have a depth of 0.9 mm that’s slightly thicker than the Marathon Supreme that came in at 0.7 mm.

Whoa! Rolling resistance of this Marathon Almotion is very low. In the lower air pressures, the Marathon Almotion even outperforms the exact fast Vittoria Voyager Hyper (read review) that is a considerably lighter and thinner drill. The same as the Marathon GreenGuard (read review), that utilizes the exact same 3 mm thick anti-puncture substance, rolling resistance just goes up slightly when falling the atmosphere pressure to 45 psi / 3 pubs. This really goes to demonstrate that the substance they use in this scooter adds just a small amount of rolling resistance in the price of a greater weight.

Though rolling resistance of this Marathon Almotion is reduced when compared to the Voyager Hyper or even Marathon Supreme (read review), you really do need to remember that the anti-puncture coating in the Marathon Almotion makes it a much more solid tire. This signifies is that -to exactly the exact same comfort level- you need to run less stress at the Almotion which subsequently increases rolling resistance. I am unsure exactly how much reduced air pressure must be, but I figure that this to be somewhere around 10-15 psi. The Almotion is a extremely speedy tire, but the thick anti-puncture coating makes it seem even better in this evaluation when compared to the more supple tires.

From the raw puncture resistance test (puncture force), the Marathon Almotion comes really near the Marathon GreenGuard that employs the exact same anti-puncture system. When compared with this Marathon Supreme (15 points), it requires less power to invert the Almotion (13 points) since the thicker, but thicker anti-puncture coating is simpler to puncture. From the sidewall puncture evaluation, the Almotion scores a decent five points, which can be significantly less than the GreenGuard (8 points) but greater than the Supreme (3 factors).

When we also take the entire depth of the tire into consideration (Puncture Variable = Puncture pressure * bicycle thickness), the Almotion does really well for a bicycle with such a very low rolling resistance. Puncture Factor of this Almotion comes in at 86 points, which will be double the rating of their Voyager Hyper (40 points) and marginally better than the Marathon Supreme (75 points).

I didn’t anticipate the Marathon Almotion to be this quick of a bicycle! In the reasonable air pressure of 60 psi / 4 pubs, the Marathon Almotion is your quickest touring bike scooter analyzed up to now. Though real-world rolling resistance will probably be marginally higher when compared to the more supple tires since you are going to need to run a bit less pressure in these types of tires for to exactly the identical comfort level, puncture resistance is a lot superior than these tires too. In a sense, this seems to be the Evolution edition of this Marathon GreenGuard that has been my best choice for price/performance for quite a very long moment.

It is a shame Schwalbe stopped the non-tubeless variant of this Almotion so soon. The TL-Easy version ought to be quite as great when combined with an inner tube and also provide more powerful sidewalls as a bonus. On the flip side, should you use the TL-Easy how it’s intended to be used (tubeless) rolling resistance will probably come in much lower. My (educated) guess for a tubeless Marathon Almotion TL-Easy is 15.0 watts at an air pressure of 60 psi / 4 pubs that produces this scooter aggressive with some of the quickest street bicycle tires while offering a much greater puncture resistance.